Ergo Chair 2 vs Aeron – Should you go for the Premium Chair Affordable One

Ergo Chair 2 vs Aeron compare

The Aeron and the Ergochair 2 are often compared to one another. Though it might be an unfair comparison since one is a premium brand and the other one is a mid-range chair, that’s how the world works. 

But more than the price, we are looking for what you could get for the price tag that each chair has. Let’s try to sit on these two chairs side by side to see the difference.

Ergo Chair 2 vs Aeron Showdown – Compare the Comfort 


When it comes to comfort, the Aeron certainly has a lot going for it. But you won’t feel a plush comfort. Instead, the Aeron boasts of a firm to firm support. The backrest and seat are all mesh, so it veers away from what most people would perceive as a comfortable office chair. 

Nonetheless, the lumbar support of the Aeron is what made it stand out. It’s adjustable and has a Posture S fit that’s a real treat for your back. 

However, it can be a love-hate relationship. The all-mesh back and seat can be too firm for others. Some users still miss the feeling of sitting on a thick plush cushion. So for those who want firm support, they instantly find Aeron very comfortable. 

Since the mesh material is quite flexible, it can move with you. And the shape of the back mimics the spine. It somehow feels like floating.

But here is what’s surprising. Even users who don’t like firm support ended up feeling comfortable with the Aeron. You won’t instantly feel the comfort whilst you are seated on the chair. But you’ll be able to tell the difference after you’ve sat on the Aeron for 8 hours and you didn’t feel any back pain afterward. It’s like delayed gratification. 

So if you’ve been having back and lumbar pains from sitting too long, you’ll find the Aeron chair comfortable. You would not be able to feel an almost therapeutic effect. Give it a full day and you’ll notice that your back pain has lessened. 

But there can be an issue with the comfort of the seat and the back if you are a bit wider. The frame of the Aeron chair is a bit more pronounced. So if your shoulders or your legs come into contact with the frame, it can be uncomfortable. Though the Aeron comes in three sizes, you have to make sure to get one that is slightly wider than your waist and shoulders so that you won’t feel the frame. 

Another thing that could have made the Aeron better was the seat depth adjustment. I think the brand banked on having 3 size options for the chair and decided to let go of a seat depth adjustment. So if the chair fits you, you’ll find it really comfortable. But if it does not fit you, there’s no way to adjust the seat depth. So you’re better off looking for another office chair. 

As for the armrest, they are sufficiently padded. But it can be a pain to adjust. It’s lovely to have a fully adjustable armrest, but you would need to exert force to be able to adjust it. 

So in terms of comfort, it’s all about back and lumbar comfort for the Aeron. If your back pain has been bugging you, you will benefit from additional moolah spent on the Herman Miller Aeron.

Ergochair 2

For its price, the Ergochair 2 can offer several adjustable features. It has adjustable lumbar support and mesh material. In terms of comfort, it also offers firm support similar to the Aeron chair. So the lumbar support can be quite decent and can work for most people. 

Another feature that stood out to me is the adjustable neck rest. It did provide good support for my neck and I was able to lean my head back comfortably. And this is what’s missing from the Aeron.

The Ergochair 2 also offers 4D armrests. Though it’s ergonomic and fully adjustable, it just feels too loose. Sometimes I feel like it’s going to give away. I am of average weight and I already felt that. So I think it would be more annoying for those who weigh a bit heavy.

Now, the seat of the chair is padded. But I really didn’t feel that it’s comfortable. Though the chair features an adjustable height, I can’t seem to find the sweet spot of comfort. The cushion also tends to push me forward. It also offers more adjustable features such as the tilt. 

The forward tilt was decently okay. But I find the backward tilt a bit lacking. I would have wanted it to go a bit further so that my hips could somehow lean back a bit more. It could have been more comfortable if it could have been pushed back further. 

How about the Durability?


The Aeron felt solid and sturdy. And even after years of sitting on the chair for 8 hours, there’s not much change in how it feels. The premium quality materials are on par with the premium price. So that’s where you’ll get the most value for your money. 

This chair can stand the test of time. That’s why you can also see several refurbished Aeron chairs being sold in the market. And they work decently well. That’s another advantage of owning one, you can resell it and it could still be in mint condition after 2 years or so. It can take on a lot of abuse and use. And it won’t really show its age, provided you took care of it.   

Ergochair 2

After a month of use, I have noticed that the Ergochair started to squeak a lot. As in a lot. So I am not sure how it would fare after a few years. Or it would still be able to hold up after a year or so. Some of the parts, such as the armrests, already felt to lose after a few months. So I reckon it would be worse after a year or so. 

Ergo Chair 2 vs Aeron – Other gripes

Ergo chair

When I received the chair, there’s a distinct off-putting smell. Especially if you are living in a small space, the smell can really be horrendous. Though it dissipated after a few days, it’s best to keep it in an open area where ventilation is good. Alternatingly, you can sprinkle it with baking soda and vacuum it. This can somehow help remove the funky odor from the chair.

Also, the Ergo chair can be annoyingly squeaky. It can make a sound with every move. So if you’re in an office space, this is something that may annoy your coworkers.

Ergochair 2


  1. The lumbar support of the Aeron is the most comfortable yet. Though you would also not be disappointed with the lumbar support of the Ergo 2.
  2. The Aeron lacks some of the adjustability that other premium chairs, such as the adjustable seat depth.
  3. For the armrests, I have gripes with both chairs. The ergo chair has a loose armrest while you need muscles to adjust the armrests of the Aeron. So you can choose your lesser evil here.
  4. For the seat, I have to give it to Aeron. The all-mesh seat is more comfortable in terms of the back support and the great airflow. It’s a bit firm but it felt nicer on the butt compared to the thinly cushioned seat of the Ergochair 2. The seat of the Ergochair 2 is also firm. But I didn’t get the support that I wanted. Instead, it tends to push me a bit forward.
  5. The backrest of the Ergochair 2 is something I wished the Aeron had.
  6. The Aeron is without a doubt, more durable, and made to last. It can hold its value even after years of use. You can even resell it. I can’t say the same with the Ergochair 2, I’m not even sure if it will be able to still function the same after a year.
  7.  Ergochair 2 is really squeaky and noisy. On the other hand, you won’t be hearing anything when you sit on the Aeron. It won’t make any noise even after several years of use.
  8. Aesthetic wise, both chairs look a bit similar so there’s nothing to argue here.

Final thought

The Aeron is still the most comfortable chair in terms of lumbar support. And if you have the budget you’d be happy to get one too. Ergochair 2, on the other hand, has a very affordable price. Albeit that, it has lots of adjustable features. Though it’s not impressive, it’s not bad either. The overall impression of the Ergo chair2 is not bad for its price. You’re still getting more than what you paid for because it has a lot of adjustable features.