Flexispot EC9 review – One of the Easiest ways to Install Standing Desks

Flexispot standing desk review

The EC9 is a two-stage frame that is becoming a Flexispot favor. And when equipped with the brand’s own tabletop pieces,  it’s named a  VICI quick install Flexispot EC9. And one of the reasons why this model became popular is because it’s very easy to install.

But is it? And what can we expect from an entry-level frame with only a 110-weight capacity? Let’s dive into the details one by one.

It’s easy to install but not really quick

Well, we really want to say this, we did not really find it as a quick install unit. The EC9 with the tabletop option is often marketed as the quickest to install among the brand’s offerings. They claimed that it would only take you 10 minutes.

But we have to refer more to the EC9 as an easy-to-install unit rather than a quick one, those two are different adjectives.  It did take us less time compared to setting up an EC5 or EC3, but it took us more than10 minutes. 

And yes it’s true that the desk only comes in three parts and the unit will arrive at your doorsteps in one box. Thus for those who aren’t used to setting up an IKEA cabinet or shelf, you might find it very convenient.

Regardless, this is one of the brand’s entry-level budget-friendly desks. And since they are not a pain to install, anyone will be able to set them up, hence it’s perfect for home offices.

It may have a lower load limit but it is pretty stable

The EC9 is more of a light-duty desk with a weight capacity of  110 lbs. But it doesn’t feel wobbly or shaky. It’s pretty solid and stable at all desk heights.

It also transitions smoothly. There is a bit of a whirring noise but it’s not irritating. 

Also, EC9 can go as high as 48”, so if you stand up to 5’10”, you’ll still be able to find a sweet spot that’s not straining for your neck and shoulders. It is not a heavy-duty desk, but when used within its capacity, you will not be able to complain.

It’s very roomy for leg sprawlers

The legs are C shape feet so you’d find the area below the desk quite accommodating for several things.  You can store your storage boxes or CPU units. It’s also a treat for leg sprawlers.

And if we were speaking of the dimensions of the desk, it is acceptably wide for a unit within its cost range. It measures 48 x 24”, so while it may not be the biggest at 55 or 60”, you can still have ample space for a moderate setup. Though if you have a cramped up room, you’d find that it is not able to squeeze it in nicely, so this is not for small spaces.

So this will be a great fit for an average-size home office or even in a  corporate setting. While it will still fit in a large area, it might look insufficient. And a desk that measures 55” or 60 “ is what you need to be able to maximize the space. 

It’s a minimalist desk so manage your expectations

For the cost of more or less 250 dollars, do not expect it to be fancy. Even the control panel only has an up and down arrow button. 

The overall look is also very plain and simple. You might also complain about the cables and wires tangling with each other. 

It does not come with a wire management tray, so you can expect a less-than-polished setup unless you can buy a separate tray or be resourceful. You can give your hand at being resourceful by using clips, ties, and tape to tame the cables. And since the setup is basic, you might be able to succeed. 

Flexispot e9

The frame also comes with a riser that makes it easier for the desk to roll along the floors. While it may claim that it can add a bit of height to cater to taller users, it will not be enough. The leg risers will only add less than an inch to the desk’s total height, so it will still not be sufficient for someone who stands 6 feet. 

What about EC1?

We’ve prepared a table below so we can make a better comparison between EC9  and EC1. The funny thing is, some people still can not recognize the two common version EC1 and EN1. For some people who want to know the differences between them, read this post from Standingdesktopper.com: Flexispot standing desk EN1 vs EC1 – Are We Really Not Looking at the Same Desk?

Flexispot unit Height range Weight limit Desktop size options
EC9 28.7″ – 48.4″  114 lbs
EC1 28″ to 47.6″ 154 lbs

Like the EC3 and EC5, these two units are almost identical. It’s hard at first to see which can give you more value, or which is which to start with. So let’s try to dissect the details 

There are few differences, but the lines are so narrow that they might seem negligible to some. 

The EC1 can go a notch higher than the EC9, it also has a higher weight capacity. And you can get a bigger desk with the EC1, it has 5 desktop size options and the biggest unit size measures 60” x 24”.

And that is where the EC9 may limit you. Though you have 2 tabletop size options, the biggest one measures 48” x 24”. But in terms of how they function and their stability, they are the same. Though the EC1 has T-shaped feet that may limit the space below that you can use for storage or to indulge your legs.

But as we have mentioned above, the most marketable feature of the EC9 is how easy and quicker ( compared to the brand’s other units) it is to assemble. And since it also comes in 3 parts, you don’t have to fiddle much through the instruction manual, separate the items, pair screws to screw holes, or even lay out all the parts on the floor.

So if this resonates with you a lot, then you will find the EC9 better. 

The EC1, on the other hand, has lots of parts, so that means you have to lay everything out on the floor, read the manual carefully, and match point A to point B. 

And the thing is, not everyone is up for that time-consuming assembly. Not everyone loves DYIng. And not all can set up their IKEA cabinet or bookshelf by themselves.

And this is where the EC9 excels the most. It is an entry-level desk that the brand probably made for those who abhor DIYs. 

Both desks share the same Achilles heel

As for the not so pretty parts, both units are quite exposed and lack a cable management tray. This is where the disarray starts. Unless you know how to use tapes and clips to organize all the wires under the desk, then you do not have to buy a cable management tray. 

Otherwise, buying a Flexispot unit that comes with its own tray, such as the EC5, will be a better option. But of course, it also has many parts like the EC1. so make sure you are up for some lego building kind of stuff. Or better yet have a friend who loves fiddling through things do it for you. You’ll be doing him a favor and yourself too. 

The EC9 is great if…

Let’s go straight to the bottom, the EC9 will be a great desk for you if…

  • You don’t have the time nor the gusto to assemble your own standing desk. You just need less than 30 minutes to set this up and it only has 3 parts.
  • You’re okay with limited top sizes, with a 48” desk as the highest option. So this will stand out in an average-sized home office.
  • You only have a minimalist setup.
  • You need space below the desk for some storage boxes, or perhaps you need room for your legs that go on for days.
  • You are on a budget and you do not stand taller than 5’10”
  • You have a way with wires and cables, meaning you can make the underside less messy sans a cable management tray. This desk is quite exposed.