Flexispot E5 vs E7: Pro vs Pro Plus Standing Desk

Compare E5 vs E7 Flexispot

If you are waiting for a comparison of the Flexispot E5 and E7 standing desks – specifically, the pro and pro plus models, here is a crazy post about that. Both desks are great options for those looking for an affordable standing desk, but there are some key differences that may make one better suited for your needs than the other. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at each model to help you decide which one is right for you.

Let’s make a quick look with the table

Flexispot Standing Desk E7 Pro Plus E5 Pro
Desk Frame T-frame
High Frame
Inverted 3-stage frame
2-stage frame
Height range T-frame: 22.8″-48.4″
High Frame: 25.6″-52.4″
C-frame: 23.6″-49.2″
Inverted 3-stage frame: 24.4″-50″
2-stage frame: 27.2″-46.5″
Loading Capacity 355 lbs 220 lbs
Applicable Desktop 47.2-80” 47.2-80”
Adjustable Width 43.4”-74.8” 43.4”-66.9”
Starting Price $519 (view here) $419 (view here)
Frame Warranty 15 years 10 years

Compare the Desk Frame

E7: 3 different options with the height range:

T-frame: 22.8″-48.4″

High Frame: 25.6″-52.4″

C-frame: 23.6″-49.2″

E5: only 2 options

Inverted 3-stage frame: 24.4″-50″

2-stage frame: 27.2″-46.5″

Flexispot Pro E5

Both the Flexispot E5 and E7 desks feature a sturdy steel frame with a powder coat finish that is designed to last. However, there is a difference in their height adjustment range, as you can see on the table – the E5 can only go up to 50 inches while the E7 can go up to 52.4 inches.

For short people under 5ft, of course, you have to pick the E7 t-frame because it is the lowest option with 22.8” range.

For tall guys, both options are fine because the max height is over 50”

If you are worried about your height, remember the height setting can be calculated simply like this: Standing height + Chair Height = Optimal Desk Height

Compare the Price

The E5 Pro is a bit more affordable than the E7 Pro Plus, with the latter costing around $100 more. The difference in price is largely due to the larger height range of the E7 and its 3-stage frame design. Starting price of E5 at the moment is $419 but you can save some discount on black Friday.

Flexispot Pro Plus E7

Compare the Loading Capacity

E7 Pro Plus models have a maximum loading capacity of 355lbs, so you can rest assured that either will be able to handle your office essentials without any problem. But with the E5 Pro, the max weight capacity is only 220 lbs, which means that it is not suitable for you if you have many heavy items such as two monitors, a laptop, and some books.

Compare the Adjustable Width of each product

With E7, it’s 43.4”-74.8”, while the E5 has a slightly narrower range of 43.4”-66.9”. So you should pay attention to this feature, if you want more space on your desk then E7 pro plus offers more options than the E5 Pro.

Normally, the size of your tabletop should be 60×30″, for gamers it can be larger like 72×30 or 80×30″

Warranty: Frame Warranty and desktop warranty

Both desks come with a 10-year frame warranty and two-year desktop warranty. With the E7, you have the option to upgrade your desktop warranty to 5 years if you choose the Pro Plus model.

But is this really important? Many people tend to ignore this part and end up regretting it.

Compare Key Features

The Flexispot E7 has a few extra features that make it stand out from the E5, such as an anti-collision feature that prevents you from running into walls or furniture when adjusting the desk height. It also has an advanced motor system and a silent mode, so you can work without disturbing anyone. The E7 also boasts an LED display for easy control, as well as USB ports for charging your devices.

E5 offers better value with its removable desktop which is perfect for those who need to move it around often. It also has a cable management system that helps to keep your desk area neat and tidy.

We have to say in the end, clearly the Flexispot E7 is the better option if you need something with a larger height range or more advanced features like anti-collision, LED display, USB ports and silent mode. The E5 is still a good choice but we don’t think only $100 will get you somewhere.

Hope this comparison helps you make a better decision when it comes to choosing the right desk for your workspace!

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