Top 5 Best Electric sit-stand desks under $800

best standing desk under 800

When a sit-stand desk is mentioned, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? If it’s “Oh, no. I’m going to have to stand all day if I use one of those things,” then get prepared for a good read!

This article will provide an in-depth look into some of today’s best electric standing desks. By the time you’ve finished reading this post, you’ll be able to decide which desk is right for you based on your lifestyle and needs.

1. Factors to consider before buying a great electric standing desk

factors before buying

In case you’re wondering why there are so many different standing desks out there , here are some explanations behind the terms floating around:

  • Height Adjustment Range

– This means how tall (how far up or down) the desk can adjust between its lowest and highest settings. The average standing desk can go from 26″ to 48″, with faster motors having a higher maximum height than slower ones.

  • Desk Surface Area

– This refers to the amount of space that’s available for you to work on while standing or sitting. The standard size is 47, but 42″ is also a popular choice because it allows you to use a treadmill underneath if needed .

  • Adjustment Speed

– How quickly a desk can move between its different height options in a second or two, as opposed to taking forever (or never).

  • Power-Adjustable Footrests

– The capability to move your feet up or down automatically when changing from seated to standing position is helpful in reducing pressure on one’s legs when transitioning from one position to another.

  • Power-Adjustable Armrests

– Height adjustable arm rests can be used for resting one’s arms while typing, leaning on them when standing at the desk, or not using them. Most desks have 3 different height options .

  • Integrated Electric Motors

– Most electric sit/stand desks have motors that are located underneath the surface of the desk (the best ones do). Having an electric motor mounted to the underside allows for more stability because there aren’t any parts coming out from behind it . It also means that you’ll only need outlet access to power up your desk instead of requiring wiring into your walls, which can make the price tag a bit higher.

  • Motor Type

– The two types of motors found in electric standing desks are gearless and geared. The former is made up of an electronic system that allows for smooth transitioning to different heights, which means the desk can adjust between its lowest and highest settings pretty quickly . This type of motor is also more durable over time.

Gearless Motor Pros & Cons

– These motors are great because they allow you to transition to standing position pretty smoothly without much effort on your part.

– They typically aren’t as strong as their geared counterparts, so if you’re using them in a home office setting where many people will be using them at once (for instance, workplace) , there’s a greater risk of the desk wobbling or not being able to support that amount of weight 100% of the time.

Geared Motor Pros & Cons

– With a gear motor, the only thing that is responsible for changing desk height is a small motor, which makes it very strong and stable. Therefore, if you’re looking to use this as your standing desk at home or just want something that’s extremely durable, then this might be the way to go.

– While transitioning between heights for those using these kinds of motors isn’t difficult at all , it can be pretty slow when compared with their gearless counterparts.

  • Price

– The price point that good electric stand up desks are able to achieve depends on many factors such as build quality , desktop thickness, adjustment speed, weight capacity, etc. For example, higher priced models usually have thinner surfaces made out of high quality materials (which not only look better , but feel nicer to the touch as well).

– A good quality desk might cost anywhere from $700-$800 (more or less depending on how many features it has) .

– If you’re looking for an affordable electric standing desk then there are several that can still last a pretty long time, but they will be made out of thinner materials. For example, the Autonomous Standing Desk ($475) is one of the most popular options because it’s built like a tank and is quite versatile (with optional extensions available), despite lacking adjustable height settings.

standing desk work

2. How Electric Sit/Stand Desks Work

– The majority of desks use either metal springs, gas pistons, or an electronically driven system to hold the weight of your desktop surface and keyboard tray.

– The former is usually found in less expensive models, while electronically driven systems are used for desks that cost a bit more (they make those desks incredibly sturdy by reducing chances of wobbling) .

– If you’re looking for something that will last a long time and perform well under pressure (especially if it’s going to be located in an office or business setting), then you should probably go with a desk that uses an electronic system.

The Process: What It’s Like To Transition Between Sitting And Standing At Your Desk?

– Although there isn’t any one way to transition between seated and standing positions at your desk, most people who decide to use electric standing desks tend to use them in this order:

– Put keyboard tray back to the lowest position.

– Shift your weight onto the foot platform, which will cause it to rise slightly.

– Raise desk surface up until you can lean comfortably on it with arms resting by your side (no need to push yourself forward) .

– If you’re using a single monitor arm , then adjust height of that as well. With multiple monitor arms, separate monitors into individual heights that work for you (you’ll likely want the top one closest and lower ones further away).

Sounds simple enough?

Well, if it’s your first time transitioning between sitting and standing positions at your desk, it might feel like quite the opposite! You may find yourself fiddling with your keyboard tray or monitors while you’re trying to get situated, which isn’t an ideal situation.

3. Purchasing A Standing Desk [Advice]

– Some of the best standing desks are either DIY kits or can be bought separately and assembled into a custom design that fits your needs . With the former, it not only comes out cheaper in some cases , but it also helps you avoid any mistakes during assembly (sometimes these can damage components).

– If you want complete supervision throughout the process though, then there are several companies who correctly assemble these for their customers .

– Furthermore, if buying materials separately is too much of a hassle but you still want to build one yourself, then consider purchasing both parts from the same store – even something like an Ikea stand-up desk can be extremely affordable (though it’s often not the sturdiest).

standing desk advice

4. What To Look For When Buying An Electric Standing Desk?

Most of us spend at least a few hours each day using our computers, so why not make healthier choices when working by switching between sitting and standing positions? There are many reasons to do this, such as better circulation, stronger muscles, improved brain activity, etc…

Although there might still be some unresolved issues with long term use , research has shown that standing desks have been beneficial for reducing certain types of back pain. In fact, even if your desk is just a temporary solution while waiting to get a full ergonomic setup together, it will likely still help you avoid certain problems that desk jockeys face with their seated desk setups (like bad posture, for example).

5. Benefits Of Electric Sit-Stand Desk?

– The best electric sit-stand desks can be adjusted in height with the push of a button , which makes it easy to alternate between sitting and standing positions while working.

– You can adjust the height of your desk by using either a manual crank or an electronic system that will move it up and down on its own.

– Some desks even come with preset heights to choose from, which makes transitioning between sitting and standing easier than ever (though these may not be as customizable).

6. How To Transition Between Sitting And Standing?

– Although there isn’t any one way to transition between seated and standing positions at your desk, most people who decide to use electric standing desks tend to use them in this order:

1. Put keyboard tray back to the lowest position (if it’s adjustable) .

2. Shift your weight onto the foot platform, which will cause it to rise slightly [if the desk has a foot platform] .

3. Raise desk surface up until you can lean comfortably on it with arms resting by your side.

– If using a single monitor arm, then adjust height of that as well [if the desk has a monitor mount]. With multiple monitor arms, separate monitors into individual heights that work for you (you’ll likely want the top one closest and lower ones further away) .

7. How To Use Sit-Stand Desk In The Right Way?

– You can do either… but don’t do both! That would be really uncomfortable when sitting since your thighs will be at much more of an angle than when standing.

– There are also adjustable desks you can sit in a normal position while working, which makes transitioning easier – these are great for people who like to stand but also want the option to sit (and likely spend more time in this position since it’s less strenuous).

– With all that said, you can save yourself some trouble by choosing one or the other. If sitting is your priority then don’t bother with an adjustable desk. If standing is what works best for you though , then look into desks that let you do so without too much hassle.

8. Top 5 best electric sit-stand desk around $700-800

We’re going to round up our top 5 favorite mid-range electric standing desks. See if one of these brands will be able to suffice your needs.

iMovr Lite ($800)

What makes the iMovr Lander Lite desk stand out is the ease to use with the intuitive control paddle. You can easily change the desk height by tapping on the paddle. And it has more advanced features like the option to connect the desk to your phone via Bluetooth. This allows you to control the desk via an app on your phone. Sounds pretty convenient, right?

imovr standing desk

And oh, this is made in the USA. So you can expect a solid build and great quality. It also is quite stable, heavy-duty, and solid. And if you need a desk asap, this is one the best options. The desk can ship in faster than any other brand on our list. Some even received their purchase the day after placing an order online.

Also, all the tabletop is ergo contoured. It may not be as curved as the EVODESK but it’s still round around the edges.

Now for the negatives, you have to sacrifice customization and style in place of a more sturdy, stable, and advanced standing desk. You can’t have everything right? And we were also delighted to see that it has the same generous warranty of 10 years for all the parts of the desk. So this can give you the best value for your purchase.

Another downside is, compared to the iMovr Lander desk, the tabletop is a bit thinner. So you will not be able to outfit it with an Imovr patented ergonomic keyboard tray.

Uplift V2 commercial ($700)

Despite a cheap Jiecang motor, the UPLIFT V2 commercial standing desk is still one of our favorites. Because apart from the motor, what makes a desk stable are also the build and construction of the leg frames. And it turns out that the leg frames of the UPLIFT V2 commercial are made of thick durable steel. So this made the V2 commercial more stable than an UPLIFT desk.

You can also expect the feet and legs to be heavy. And we are liking how that sounds so far. It also has a cross-support system. And we reckon this is heavier than what the other UPLIFT desks have.

Uplift V2 commercial

So even with a China-made motor, the V2 commercial is steady and stable. But our concern is the amount of work that the weak motor is taking. So the lifespan of the motor is questionable.

But this desk is made up for that because it has one of the best warranties you can encounter at a standing desk. Let alone, it has one of the best customer services too.

We also love how you can customize the desk. So this will give you more options on what accessories to outfit a tour desk with. You also have hefty options on the tabletop finish and the colors of the steel legs.

What makes it unique is the adjustable frame design. So you can adjust the frames to fit the size of the desktop. So you can still use the same frame for a variety of tabletop sizes.

For the not-so-good bits, the steel legs are messy and oily. You can see oil creeping from the legs.

Geek desk V3 standing desk ($750)

The Geekdesk is a well-designed and pretty stable standing desk. It may not be as popular as the other options on our list, but it sure is stable and durable. We also love how it has a pretty wide range. The desk can go as high as 48 and three fourth inches. Though if you’re going to use a treadmill, you might want to go for the GEEKDESK MAX. It can go higher by two inches.

Like the EVODESK, the edges are beveled. So it’s safer and less ouchie if you accidentally bump into it. And it also makes the deks look nicer. Beveled edges are a simple way of making a tabletop look more high-end, tell us if you don’t agree with this.

Now, this next feature may be a yay or a nay depending on how you will perceive it. The desk comes with a crossbeam.

It does have its advantage since the crossbeam has holes in it. You can use it to manage your wires and make them less disturbing by attaching plywood to them. While others may view it as a nay if they tend to bump their knees against the crossbeam. So it pretty much depends on how finicky you are or how restless your legs are. So this is a very important thing to consider.

Additionally, in terms of durability, this desk is pretty stable. It can take on heavier loads. It uses a Jiecang base motor similar to what Fully Jarvis and Uplift uses. The advantage it has over the two more popular desks is that it is a more sturdy motor. The downside is, it will still have some wobbles when set at the max desk height.

But we did face some changes, particularly with setting up the desk. The instruction manual seems to contradict some parts and accessories that came with the box. The manual does not indicate what the additional screws are for, or on what part it should be used.

And uh, the shipping, like the EVODESK, takes forever. So don’t buy this if you need the desk asap.

Evodesk ergo edge single level ($779)

One of the first things that you will notice with the EVODESK is the rounded ergonomic edges. This desk is curved on all sides so it will not be a pain in the hips in case you accidentally bumped against it. And this also makes the desks look softer and more polished.

We also love that it’s not edged off like most cubicle-type desks. It may seem like a pretty basic standing desk, but it does look slim and sleek. It may not have the bells and whistles, but it allows you to make your desk neat with the two grommet holes. The grommet is placed at a perfect distance from each other. So you can easily have a clean and tidy two-monitor setup. It also has a rectangular grommet at the center where you can sneak in the wires.

The surface is powder-coated, so it will be a bit rougher compared to other laminate desks. Some may not like this type of surface. But this type of surface can take on more use and abuse and it will not reflect on the desk.

So you don’t have to worry about dents and scratches on the tabletop surface. This is perhaps what makes EVODESK stand out from other brands. Their tabletop is even more sturdy than that of the popular Fully Jarvis bamboo tabletop.

But as far as ergonomics goes, this is a pretty ergonomic tabletop. The front edges are curved and sloped a bit, so this is quite friendly and comfortable for your arms.

As for the stability, we find the leg frames not that thick. So this can also mean that there will be wobbles along the way. And indeed it does wobble a bit when pushed with pressure and set to the max desk height. But you need to shake the desk with force to see the wobbles. So if the desk is transitioning, the shaking will just be subtle.

And though the basic desk doesn’t have a cable management tray, you can use the longer vanity cover underneath the desk to hide the wires. You will also be able to shuck in thicker cables and wires.

And there are of course the bad ones. One, shipping takes several weeks, even a month. And some customers complained that they received a beaten-up box.

Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk ($800)

It’s no surprise that the Fully Jarvis bamboo standing desk lands a spot in our list. The Bamboo desktop is gorgeous and looks more natural. It will be in the running for  the more stylish desks. Everyone was simply just awed by it.  It is said to have been made from a more eco-friendly material so this can be a good option for those environmental conservationists.

Like the  Uplift and the Geek Desk, it’s made of the same China made Jiecang motor. Though compared to the three, it does not have the strongest motor. But we do love the sturdiness of the thick steel frame legs. So even if it’s not super stable, it’s not going to wobble like crazy. Shaking starts do happen once you are 2-3 inches away from the desk’s max height.

Also, like the UPLIFT, this can be a real value for your money. UPLIFT is one of its strongest contenders. And like its rival in commerce, Fully boasts of very good customer service. Both brands have been receiving all but praises from their customers. So even if it’s not the steadiest standing desk, people are still buying them.


Our top 5 favorite mid-range standing desks have lots going for them. If you favor a more durable desk with modern features, the iMovr Lite is a good option. If you’re looking to get the best value for your money, go for the UPLIFT V2 commercial standing desk while the Jarvis is very gorgeous and can suffice if you will not use the desk  at max height. And lastly, Geekdesk has the most stable China-made Jiecang motor in the market.

If you are looking to buy one of these desks, look for them here. We have provided links to help you save time browsing different sites. And of course, thank you for reading! We hope this post was able to help. Now go on and find the best electric sit-stand desk that will make your work life easier. Happy standing, everyone!