6 Best Standing desk for laptops: Functional and portable

standing desk for laptop

Nearly everyone has a laptop these days. And nearly everyone works on their laptops with their backs hunched over. And you have to cut that habit! These laptop standing desks will help keep your laptop at eye level.

Factors to Consider in choosing standing desk for laptops


Laptops are flexible and versatile. You can use it while you’re standing, sitting, or even when you’re chilling in bed. So a standing desk for a laptop must be portable and flexible enough to change positions.

Sturdy and stable

There are tons of portable laptop standing desks in the market, but a lot can be flimsy. A laptop may be more lightweight and smaller than a monitor. But that does not mean that standing desks for laptops can be less durable.

Ergonomic desk

A beveled edge helps a lot in keeping your wrists pain free. So a standing desk for a laptop should have an ergonomic desk, especially if you’re working for longer hours. It must not be rubbing your wrist raw.

Top 6 best standing desk for laptops in the Market

obVus Solutions Laptop Tower Stand 

May I say that this laptop standing desk looks sleek, stylish, and professional? It can make up for a sophisticated and modern workstation. 

obVus Solutions is also quite durable. I can type on it and it won’t wobble. Though if you’re going to use it while in a seated position, it’s better if you use a wireless keyboard instead. This will help you maximize the ergonomics of this standing desk. And it holds up pretty well. You can lock it securely on the height you set it to. You’d be happy with how stable this standing desk is.

The working area is pretty decent too. It can hold laptops that measure up to 17.” It’s small and stable enough to be portable. The 2- 19” adjustable height also works for most people. So the scope of users is fantastic too.

standing desk for laptop obvus

You also don’t need to set it up. It comes assembled already. And you can use it straight out of the box. In addition, it has rubber pads so that it’s protected from scratches. 

One of them could have been better is that you might need to flex a muscle when you’re adjusting the desk. It can be quite stiff. But if you aren’t going to adjust it often, it won’t matter that much. And I think the stiffness also contributed to the unit being sturdy. 


  • Elegant and sleek design
  • Variable height adjustment levels
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Portable
  • No assembly needed


  • Can be stiff when adjusting

SIDUCAL Mobile Stand Up Desk

The Siducal mobile standing desk has variable height settings from 27.5″-45.3″ it can accommodate taller people and even those who stand 6 feet. This standing desk also features a two-tier workstation. And you can tilt the second tier for a more ergonomic position for your laptop.  It can be tilted to 45 degrees. 

The tilted desk is quite convenient and comfortable when you’re using your laptop in a seated position. Though some users may find the tilted desk also comfortable  in a standing position.  And this is probably my favorite feature of this standing desk.This standing desk sits at a perfect eye level. Even when used in a sitting position or as a book stand or tablet stand, it’s very comfortable. 

It’s made of thickened metal and MDF board, so it can be sturdy and durable. And I love that it has wheels, so that makes it easy to move and portable. 

Furthermore, it can be justified via a bolt tightening system. Some users find it challenging to adjust the desk on the first few uses. But once you get the hang of it, it will be easier. Though the wheels that come with it can be a bit smaller compared to other mobile standing desks for laptops.

Also, this standing desk is quite stable and sturdy. And if we are speaking of desk space, it has an ample amount of it, or even more. It measures 23.62″ x 23.62″, so you have more space aside for a laptop. You can also use the first tier to showcase some books or even your lucky cactus.


  • Portable
  • Wide desk area
  • Can accommodate tall users
  • Sits at a perfect level


  • Some find the wheels a bit small

Techni Mobili Sit-to-Stand Mobile (499.99)

It’s more than just a laptop standing desk. It’s a cart!

This unit boasts of three parts. One, it has an adjustable table. It’s quite ergonomic as you can tilt and change the height of the desk to configure to your need. Also, to prevent your laptop from sliding, it has a stopper.

Two, it has a storage compartment where you can stuff your things or gadgets. It’s like a mini locker where you can put your things when you’re working. And three, it has additional closed storage where you can store some valuable items. 

It’s mobile so it’s easy to move from one place to another. And you’ll receive the item well packed, no parts were scratched or damaged. It also ships very fast. So you’ll be one happy customer. 

Assembly is also a breeze. All the parts are labeled properly. And the instructions are straightforward. Also, the directions have illustrations, so you’ll never go wrong with it. It’s almost foolproof and intuitive.

As for the stability is decently strong and sturdy, I’ve no complaints here. 


  • 5 yr limited warranty
  • Has 2 storage spaces
  • Easy to assemble


  • The wheels can be loud when moved

Seville Classic laptop Standing desk

This Seville Classic laptop standing desk has a desk space measuring 23. 6″ x 16″. So it can pretty much accommodate any laptop size, plus an extra space where you can write or place some of your office supplies. It’s a stable and ergonomic workstation. 

The legs are made of steel frame while the desktop is made from an MDF material with a vinyl finish. Also, the desk has a powder finish that makes it smooth and ideal for writing and drawing on. Though some find the desk a bit slippery for their liking. And other users placed a mat or something to make it more grippy, and to prevent their laptops from falling.  

Though what I like about the desk is that the edge is beveled. So it’s kind of nice on the wrist and quite ergonomic. 

This standing desk can be adjusted from 20” to 33”. And it’s adjusted via a knob which is pretty easy to maneuver. Some find the adjustment a bit lacking and might not go low enough for sitting position for taller users.

In addition, it’s a breeze to set it up. And even without a manual, it’s intuitive. So I would be able to assemble it in under 15 minutes. Stability-wise, I find it pretty good. Though here are some users who find it a bit wobbly. I think it may have something to do with the screws not being tightened enough. 


  • Ample desk area
  • Has wheels for mobility
  • Ergonomic desk


  • Some find the desk area too slippery

Mount It! Mobile standing desk ($149.99)

This Mount It! standing desk for laptops has a lot of desk and work area to boot. It has 4 tiers that you can use for a lot of purposes. The bottom tier can also be used as a footrest. And you have an option on where to place your laptop. You can place it either on the first or the second tier. So you can have a pretty comfortable height for your laptop.

Plus, you can adjust the height of the first two shelves. It can go from 37.35 “ to 53.75” via a knob. It also has a higher weight capacity. Each shelf can accommodate 33 lbs of weight. 

In terms of stability, it feels sturdy at all heights, provided that you won’t go beyond the weight limit. 

The desk isn’t fancy, it’s sleek and simple. So it makes up for a simple, decent, and functional workstation.

In addition this laptop desk can be very useful when you’re giving a speech or when you’re teaching.  Or it can make up for a busy workstation for your laptop.


  • Has a lot of shelves
  • Easy to adjust
  • Functional and versatile
  • Wheels move easily and are lockable


  • Some find the width of the desk too narrow

Cartmay laptop desk ($185.99)

This is a simple, basic yet sturdy standing desk for your laptop. The desk is made of high-quality compact laminate material. And the desk is slightly beveled, so it can be comfortable enough for your wrist. 

And instead of the usual two wheels most mobile standing desks have, this one is equipped with four caster wheels. So it’s more stable and sturdier, especially when you’re typing. And the reinforced steel pipes made this unit more reliable. Everything is metal except for the desk.

It’s also easy to adjust the desk via a lever. You only need to use one hand so it won’t feel like an arm workout every time you adjust it. It can go from 27.9” to 45.3” So a lot of users can find this standing desk quite comfortable 


  • Sturdy and stable
  • Easy to adjust
  • Looks stylish
  • Sturdy metal legs


  • Some users received the unit with missing screws

These laptop standing desks can be functional and versatile workstations. The best brands on my list are also pretty durable.