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Flexispot EC9 review – One of the Easiest ways to Install Standing Desks

Flexispot standing desk review

The EC9 is a two-stage frame that is becoming a Flexispot favor. And when equipped with the brand’s own tabletop pieces,  it’s named a  VICI quick install Flexispot EC9. And one of the reasons why this model became popular is because it’s very easy to install. But is it? And what can we expect from […]

Haworth Fern vs Aeron Chair showdown – When Not to Buy the More Affordable office chair

Haworth Fern office chair compare

The Herman Miller Aeron is definitely a nice fancy chair. Everyone wants to get their hands on this premium ergonomic office chair. But what stops most is the steep price.  Now there is a rising player in the market that seems to be as promising as the Aeron in terms of back support, but less […]

6 Best Standing desk for laptops: Functional and portable

standing desk for laptop

Nearly everyone has a laptop these days. And nearly everyone works on their laptops with their backs hunched over. And you have to cut that habit! These laptop standing desks will help keep your laptop at eye level. Factors to Consider in choosing standing desk for laptops Portable Laptops are flexible and versatile. You can […]