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Quality Wall-Mounted Sit-Stand Desk

I have been in the AV/IT Integration space for over 30 years. I found this unit easy to setup and use on my 24" monitor. I found this unit very compact as it folds back to the wall, and keyboard tray folds up to 90°, saving space when not in use. This is a huge space saver in cramped medical offices where space is at a premium. It is easy to adjust your working position in one smooth motion. Simply lift the work surface to elevate your monitor, keyboard and mouse. An added feature is that the monitor mount has a separate height adjustment along the column. What is Included: 1 - monitor arm 1 - VESA monitor mount 1 - keyboard tray 2 - adhesive strip 1 - column 1 - wall plate 4 - concrete anchors 4 - mounting screws 4 - M4x10 mm screws 1 - M6x8 mm screw 3 - M6x10 mm screws 4 - M6x12 mm screws 1 - M8x20 mm screw 1 - 2.5 mm hex key 1 - 5 mm hex key 1 - 6 mm hex key 1 - plastic washer 1 - metal washer 1 - socket driver 1 - instruction manual Note: “I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review.”

Smooth, strong, and CONVENIENT

Couldn't wait to get my hands on this one.... Fantastic idea for conference rooms, classrooms, etc. Mounted it to a garage wall to beat on it for a while and it just wouldn't give in. Strong! Ideal for small "LAN closets" too, since it folds up against the wall. I was surprised at how flat it actually got given the picture on the box! Mounted a 24" LED monitor and it quickly drooped. Just had to tighten the bolt in the joints. After that, there was no noticable give/droop. With a small wifi-enabled computer mounted to the back, wireless keyboard and mouse/trackball/touchpad, this solution has ONE wire (power) leaving the mount, and gives any work area a convenient, and easily pushed aside/stowed workstation where there's no desk/bench/shelf for a laptop or tablet. The first thing I was asked was if there was a simple "shelf" version for using a laptop like this (Startech, you need to market this to "hackerspaces" and "shared garages"!) After a week in a friend's garage with several users looking up parts, techniques, and instructions... It was all praises, and several people taking the model # down to get one for their workspaces. Wow did this thing get dirty (but the movement was still smooth and the whole thing easily cleaned. Advice: Tighten the swivels and the monitor slider, during install. You can always loosen them a little afterwards, but.... Mine was annoyingly loose during the initial install. Also, don't use the included adhesive strip. Get some industrial-grade Velcro (or other brand). Not the hook-eye stuff, the kind with the interlocking "hooks" on both sides. MUCH easier to clean in a dirty environment, and you can change out the keyboard easier (only have to add one-side of the "velcro" to the keyboard, since the tray is already good to go!


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