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Great, portable laptop riser

This product may look simple and inexpensive BUT once you get it setup and in use, it is very sturdy but light and will accommodate up to a 15" laptop (in my tests only). My test included Macs and HP laptops. It is meant for thinner laptops or tablets. You may have issues if your laptop thickness goes over the manual specs. It is made of a strong plastic material, comes in a very thin box and include a nice picture based manual. It is fully adjustable for a 15, 17, 19, 35, 37 and 39 degree angles which should suit all users. It makes it very comfortable to work and type using this riser. It also fits in a standard laptop case or bag and does not add to the overall carry weight. Easy to collapse or fold down. “I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review.”

Stable, rubber grips, portable!

Fantastic little stand. Used with various laptops/devices from iPad to a 16" digitizer/LCD. Adjusts easily, the rubber grips on surface, as well as on the fold down "shelf" hold every device in place. Collapses to about 1cm thickness, for easy portability. Didn't rattle when I cranked up the music either. :)

Better get 2!

My Family and I had a great time reviewing this product. It works with every device in the house, from the smallest tablet to the largest laptop. The design is great, 2 different arms to achieve different height adjustments, and even has a hole through it for easy carrying. It takes up no space, can fit next to your device while transporting, and sets up and down in seconds! I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review

Nice Portable Laptop Stand

Solid, non-invasive laptop stand. Vertically, it doesn't go super high, but this is good for most applications. All plastic, but reasonable build quality. Good value.

StarTech stand - my 2nd one

This is my 2nd one - the first wore out because of my carelessness. The only issue with it is when the larger prop-up leg gets retracted it it not easy to get it unstuck from the base without flipping it upside and grabbing it with something. I put some tape tabs on it to make this easier. Good product otherwise.


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