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Ideal compact standup desk

We have purchased two of these desks and have been using them for almost 2 years. They are sturdy, compact and strong. Very pleased with this item and would highly recommend to anyone looking to downsize from a sitdown desk to something that is more compact, portable and upright.

Wonderful innovation. Great for bad backs and necks, not to mention posture.

Wonderful innovation! Both my husband and I have one of these for ALL our computer work. Is adjustable when you first put it together, and is high enough for a 6 foot tall man, and low enough for a 5'3 woman. It takes a bit of room, so you need a large enough room to accommodate it. I particularly like the large keyboard shelf, which accommodates a mouse, and a large keyboard, and beside that a small tablet, in addition to the higher monitor shelf, which easily holds a 22" monitor, with still additional side space, though not a whole lot more, maybe a foot more? It's sturdy, and can be rolled about if needed, but I have never done so. It's heavy, so rolling it over a carpet may be difficult anyway. But it DOES roll. Lower shelf holds a printer and a PC side by side.

Solid build and quality components.

I ordered this as supplemental desk space for a sitting desk. Consequently, I use it in the lowest position. The parts in the package were well-organized and easy to sort out prior to assembly. The instructions were very basic... no text, just pictures, but they were sufficient for my needs and I had the desk assembled in about 20 minutes. All of the holes lined up perfectly and all of the screws connect via threaded inserts in the table-tops, so no concerns about the screws stripping out of particle board. This is a very solid product: The steel is heavy enough that I have no concerns about durability; the casters are larger and sturdier than I would expect for this type of product (larger than a typical office chair), so far, I have no concerns about the strength of the three flat surfaces and the wheel-base is very wide which means the product doesn't "rock" at all, even on carpet.

I was really impressed with all components. Many times this assemble-yourself furniture has little shortcuts taken that maybe save the company a dollar here or there but creates a lot of headache for the customers. There is none of that in this desk.

There are two situations where this might not be the right desk for you:
1) You need frequent adjustments in height. To change height, you will have to remove 4 bolts with an allen wrench and then re-install them after adjusting the height. It probably just takes 10 minutes, but would be a nuisance if you have anything on the desk. If that is a requirement, you need to spend more on an easily adjustable desk.
2) You intend to use this at a sitting height with a computer keyboard. The lowest setting is the same height as my desk, but it would be a bit height if I were using it with a computer (on my desk, the keyboard tray is about 6 inches lower). However, for a normal work surface it is perfect. If you intend to sit at this, you would either need to add a keyboard tray underneath (not sure if that's possible) or adjust your chair higher... then again, this is marketed as a stand up desk!

Exceeded my expectations

This desk is awesome! I was about to buy another standing desk of the same size for almost double the price and am so glad that I found this one before I made a decision. I got the 32" wide version as my work desk which consists of me mainly working on the computer. You could fit two monitors on the top rack if you wanted, but it would be a little tight. Middle rack fits my mouse, keyboard and a full sized note pad. Again, it's a little tight, but it works just fine. On the bottom rack I have a big printer/scanner/copier/fax machine and there is space for extra ink toner, etc. Regarding the height of the desk, I am 5'11" and have it fixed to the highest it can go. It is perfect for me and would probably work for someone 6' as well. Anyone over 6' might have some trouble with it being too short.
I also want to say the construction is sturdy, the casters are awesome (not cheap at all), and the desk top material is solid. My only issue is that the edge on the bottom of the desk top is a little sharp. I'm just going to take a little sand paper and take the edge off...a minor issue. If you're looking for a fixed standing desk I highly recommend this one!


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