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Payment & Security

For your information: Detail different payment options you provide

Including if you accept payments over the phone, bank transfer,
Different credit cards you accept and the security behind those
With shopify they all come with an SSL certification, and SSL
certificate. Basically means its a trusted website, so it’s something
you want to mention in the security page.
Also the fact that the credit card payment providers you use, so
that's paypal and the stripe gateway, which we are going to set up
in one of the later videos they are actually encrypted so you as the
merchant don't have access to your customers credit card details..
The only people who do have access are the payment providers
and by law they don't share this information as we all know its very
It's all about piece of mind. Put it in a language that is easy for
them to understand to remove any sort of objection they may have
to purchasing.
Also that talking about the hosting of this website outline that this
website is hosted on shopify.
Shopify is the #1 most trusted ecommerce platform in the world
and so that's leveraging shopify's credibility and rapport as well as
paypal and the other credit card providers.

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